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Главная » 2015 » Апрель » 5 » E60 BMW M5 vs E39 BMW M5 Head to Head Review!
E60 BMW M5 vs E39 BMW M5 Head to Head Review!
Follow Us on Instragram! @VehicleVirgins-www.californiamotors.comLike us on Facebook! -www.facebook.com-vehiclevirginsSong:JPB - High [NCS Release]-www.youtube.com-watch?v=Tv6WI...-www.facebook.com-jayprodbeatzI’ve long awaited the day I could pilot an e60 M5. I’ve daily driven an e39 m5 for the past three years so to say i’ve been aching to compare the two is an understatement. Sure the new beast is more comfortable, significantly faster and of course more expensive than the old bimmer. But is it better to drive? Does it tickle my soul like the S62 V8 engine. Lets find out. Of course the talk of the century upon its release was BMW’s decision to throw in a glorious V10. A sound that resembles a lamborghini gallardo or f1 car in a sedan? I’m down. But the world is changing. Climate change is serious, and automakers are becoming more mature, whether that be because of their own morals or government regulations. Adding turbos means more efficiency, and more torque. Save the planet and destroy the tarmac at the same time. In theory, but until I drive the F10 M5, im willing to bet this is and will remain the most insane engine BMW has ever built. Well i’m pleased to report this car is ridiculous. The 5L v10 produces 500hp and 384 lb feet of torque. Coupled with an smg transmission this launches the sedan to 60mph in the mid 4 second range. At the top end near its screaming 8200 rpm redlines the new M5 makes the e39 feel like a joke. The car is insanely fast. It intoxicating. But I knew this before I’d ever driven one, and so did you. The real question is how it drives in the twisties. The 2014 M5 is heavier and 3 inches longer than the e39. Thats not a great start. Of course we cannot directly compare the transmissions as the e39 only came in a proper manual and this one is equipped with the SMGIII system. It is however good, shifts are sharp and give you a nice kick in the back in the quickest settings. Of course this also means launch control is available and you can rest your left leg on long commutes to work. I’d still take the manual. Sound is a very important aspect of BMW M cars. The e39 has a magnificent sounding V8, free from any masking wooshes of spooling turbos. A topic of much debate was BMW’s choice to pipe fake engine noises into the cabin for the f10. None of that trickery here. The V10 sound unbelievable. I will never get tired of hearing this thing scream. The 2006 M5 is certainly striking on the outside. Side vents, quad exhaust, and a menacing front grill give the executive sports sedan an aggressive appearance. It certainly looks more expensive and stands out from the pack more than the E39 M5 did from its non M counterparts. But I’d argue that the old model was more beautiful. there’s something to be said about subtlety. The e60 m5 is an utter beast. 500hp is plenty, and it put a smile on my face the entire day driving the car. Would I take this over an e39? I don’t know. The power is incredible, it seems more executive, its more comfortable and it still feels like a true M car. I was blown away by the e60 M5 and am excited to report that BMW hasn’t lost its touch. The ultimate question at the end of a review is this: would I buy one. I could truly see myself owning one of these in the future. But I’m not selling the e39 so I’d have to have both.
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